Chernobylite Devs Praise 'Exceptional Work' On Xbox Series X|S Upgrade

The survival horror RPG Chernobylite is the next game to be getting a free Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S upgrade, with the September 2021 release heading to next-gen consoles this week on Thursday, April 21st.

And speaking to GamesRadar earlier this week, a couple of the devs behind the upgrade explained the process behind creating the Xbox Series X, Series S and PS5 versions, praising the "exceptional work" that has gone into them.

Here's what All In! Games producer Kuba Karolczak had to say about the new upgrade:

"We obviously already had the game on consoles for the previous generations... On [PS5 and Xbox Series X] it was much, much better running, we were able to increase the frame-rate, and introduce more fidelity to the game."

"What was more challenging, however, was the ray tracing stuff... It's an incredibly powerful technology, and everyone has done exceptional work on adding this into the next version of the game. Adding this technology increases an already gorgeous game."

It was also mentioned during the interview that Chernobylite was originally intended to be a "next-gen game from the start," and therefore the team kept that in mind even when beginning work on the project all the way back in 2017.

Karolczak went on to call the upgrade "a great opportunity to bring the game to the masses, again."

"It's a kind of a relaunch of sorts."

So, what exactly will Chernobylite include when it arrives for Xbox Series X this Thursday? Resolution Mode will feature dynamic 4K resolution at 30fps, complete with ray tracing, higher visual details and faster loading times, while the Performance Mode will be restricted to 1080p at 60fps, but with improved visuals (Ultra Details) as well.

You can check out a breakdown of the improvements below (the image suggests that Xbox Series S will support the same two modes, but we'd be surprised if that was the case):

Chernobylite Devs Praise 'Exceptional Work' On Xbox Series X|S Upgrade 2

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