Xbox Power Consumption

We've all left our consoles on standby before, probably for years at this point. The little red light doesn't annoy us anymore, it downloads stuff while we're away, all good. However, UK energy company British Gas has come out of the woodwork to tell us all about the energy we're apparently wasting.

The firm estimates that, on average, a games console left in standby mode costs £12.17 to run over the course of a year. Other 'expensive' devices are computers at £11.22 and microwaves at a whopping £16.37. Apparently, these energy-sapping machines are "vampires" for their ability to drain power.

However, plenty of users out there are starting to question British Gas' claims. Eurogamer quoted a range of educated responses that deemed the British Gas figures straight up false, and the good folks over at Push Square have even dug a little deeper.

Going off Sony's own energy numbers, the site says a PS5 sat in standby mode doing very little would cost just £0.88 per year, and even if it was constantly downloading, that figure would only be £7.85. Both of these are a far cry from a £12.17 'average'.

Xbox Power Your Dreams

In terms of Xbox, Microsoft recently improved its Energy Saver mode on Xbox consoles. The low-power mode — which is a more economic solution — can now download system updates when switched off, which previously, was a feature exclusive to the console's Instant On mode.

Do you worry about your console's power consumption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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