Battle Pass Spotted In Overwatch 2 Concept Art

The Overwatch 2 team recently broke their silence, saying they would provide more updates on a regular basis. While we're learning more about the new game and some of the changes each day, it seems details may have also been revealed ahead of schedule.

As highlighted by a story over on Attack of the Fanboy, former Overwatch UI designer Jayson Kirby has shared concept art (via ArtStation) of the Overwatch 2 main menu, which features a Battle Pass option. There's also noticeably a shop option, which could potentially have all sorts of transactions.

Keep in mind, that this is just a concept, and the same artist supposedly left Overwatch and Blizzard in 2020, so things could have easily changed on Blizzard's end.

If a Battle Pass was featured in the next Overwatch game, it wouldn't be all that surprising as a lot of multiplayer shooters are doing this nowadays. This includes 343's game, Halo Infinite, which is still experiencing many teething issues in the first season.

How would you feel about a Battle Pass in Overwatch 2? Leave a comment down below.

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