'7 Days To Die' Comes With A Major Downside On Xbox Game Pass 2

Update: It's been confirmed that 7 Days To Die on Xbox Game Pass is the "Classic Console" version on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which means it's the version that sadly hasn't been updated in five years at this point.

However, if you're playing on PC Game Pass, you'll get the most recent "Alpha20" version of the game.

In other words, if you've got the option to play 7 Days To Die on PC instead of Xbox, that's definitely the way to go.

Original story: The popular survival horror game 7 Days to Die arrives on Xbox Game Pass on April 26th, but players of the game have been taking to social media since the announcement to warn people of the "state" of the Xbox version.

Basically, the console edition hasn't been updated since 2017 (according to the dev, the bankruptcy of Telltale Games was to blame for this), and therefore it's very outdated compared to the constantly updated PC version.

So, why's it being added to Game Pass? Well, there's the potential that a next-gen version could be released in the near future, as developer The Fun Pimps announced back in 2019 that it was "exploring all options that would eventually deliver a new version of 7 Days to consoles," but it would also "have to evaluate the expense and risk of porting any future versions of the game to consoles relative to the income it could generate."

It was mentioned back then that the new console port "would likely happen after the PC version has gone gold," which doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe it'll be a nice surprise for us next week...

Here's how The Fun Pimps concluded their message to fans back in 2019 about the console version:

"We are exploring all options that would eventually deliver a new version of 7 Days to consoles but this would likely happen after the PC version has gone gold and could end up being an entirely new product or on the next console.

Please understand: Telltale going under has put the console version of 7 Days in this situation. TFP are just trying to lookout for the future of our company and the game we care about…"

Do you think we might get a new port next week? Give us your thoughts down in the comments.