343 To Deliver 'Multiple Updates' For Halo: MCC Throughout 2022 2

Yesterday saw the arrival of a huge new update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which added The Flood to the game's Firefight mode and much more. If you're eager for additional new content, the good news is the 343 is just getting started for 2022.

In the same blog update, the Halo developer spoke about how it was dedicated to building and maintaining the MCC moving forward. Although seasonal content will no longer be the update model for the collection, the aim now is to deliver "multiple updates" sprinkled throughout 2022 - focused on quality-of-life updates, bug fixes, unreleased content and more.

343 also intends to keep the community "in the loop" as it gets closer to final timings on future updates and any potential realignment or change of plans. Beyond this, the team will continue to engage with the collection's community, and "find areas of opportunity to adjust" and update.

"We have had an amazing journey updating these games and bringing them to PC, and so we greatly look forward to continuing to hold up our end of the bargain and delivering high-quality features to MCC through the rest of this year."

In terms of what else is ahead for Halo's MCC in 2022, 343 will be adding mod support to the remaining games (ODST, Reach, Halo 2: Anniversary MP and Halo 4), adding in "leftover" armour and customisation, adding in more campaign collectibles to select games and much more changes and adjustments like UI improvements.

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[source halowaypoint.com]