Halo Infinite hero shooter

Halo Infinite was developed over a long period of time — a good six years in fact — so it's natural the game went through many, many prototype phases. However, did you know that one of those phases took Infinite into 'hero shooter' territory?

That's right, Halo Infinite could have ended up more like Overwatch than classic Halo before a turn in development, according to a few sources.

The first of those is Chris Ray Gun, a YouTuber known for his podcast work at Last Stand Media. Chris joked about Infinite's development woes as part of a negative reaction to the game's recently released roadmap.

A Halo Infinite developer then replied, saying that the claim wasn't really true. However, the dev did go on to say that lots of different ideas were prototyped, and that those ideas were spun up during the standard prototype phase for video game development. Basically, hero shooter elements were likely tested, but Chris' claim about them eating into core development could be exaggerated.

However, there's another twist, and this one comes from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. In a Reddit response, Jason basically backed up the developer, saying that while 343 "spent a while" on hero shooter elements, the initial tweet from Chris was "exaggerated to the point where it's mostly false". Jason also went on to say that he thinks PvP and PvE hero shooter designs were looked at during development.

Wow, there's a lot going on here then. What's clear — from this and Halo Infinite's delay — is that the game went through a complex development cycle before we finally went hands on with it. Ultimately, we're glad the game went down a more classic Halo route in the end, although hero shooter elements would have been interesting to say the least.

What do you make of all this? Glad Infinite turned out the way it did? Let us know in the comments!