2022's Need For Speed Is Reportedly Current-Gen Only

It seems as though the next chapter in EA's long-running Need For Speed street racing franchise may be set to release on current-gen consoles only.

As reported by the fine folk over at VGC, Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb, speaking on his GiantBomb show Grubbsnax, remarked that the latest in the bombastic racing series, which is due to release at the tail-end of 2022, will apparently skip last-gen entirely. Grubb said:

“If you are a Need for Speed fan who has bought a next-gen console, here’s some news; it’s next-gen only. They are shifting to next-gen only.”

The news, if true, would certainly come as a little bit of a surprise, especially considering that EA's Chief Studio's Officer, Laura Miele, previously explained to Polygon that the game would release on both current and last-gen hardware. Of course at that time the next Need for Speed title also wasn't due to release until March of 2023, before being pushed forward to a 2022 release date, so it does seem as though the original plans for the game have changed somewhat.

Are you planning on jumping into the next Need for Speed when it drifts into view later this year or would a current-gen only release see your bonds with the family broken? Let us know in the comments.

[source videogameschronicle.com, via polygon.com]