Xbox's Phil Spencer Reveals The First Game He Ever Played

Most of us probably remember the first game we ever played, or at least the first system we gamed on. For some of us, that first gaming memory goes way back, and that's certainly the case with Xbox boss Phil Spencer, whose recent Twitter response revealed his first ever game.

So, Pong is where it all started for Phil, which is a bit before our time if we're honest. You can't say he hasn't loved games for most of his life though, this is a stone cold classic!

Incidentally, Phil's reply stems from an initial tweet from Xbox's Sarah Bond, who also revealed her very first game too. This one's a bit more modern; a mid-80's classic called King's Quest II.

We're always curious to see where people's gaming journeys begin, so it's nice to see these gaming memories shared!

Where did it all start for you? Which game ignited your love of gaming? Let us know in the comments.