Xbox Series X's Super Speedy Storage Methods Are Coming To PC

When Microsoft was hyping up all things gaming with Windows 11, the company mentioned that DirectStorage would be a huge upcoming feature. Basically, this nifty bit of software would take all the advancements Xbox Series SSDs use, and transfer them over to PC gaming.

Well, that storage API is now available, after Microsoft collected plenty of feedback during developer preview stages. DirectStorage is compatible with Windows 10, although Microsoft advises an upgrade to Windows 11 to get the most out of the software.

In regards to what DirectStorage actually does, well, it makes everything faster basically. You may remember Xbox talking about its "Velocity Architecture" with Xbox Series X|S, and this basically brings that over to PC. Games will load much faster using SSD storage in tandem with the software, and in-game assets and the like will be accessed much quicker too.

Project Scorpio

Also, the hope is that by bringing PC storage methods closer to current gen consoles, that'll enable developers to make better use of these newfound SSD speeds. We're currently in the midst of a pretty lengthy cross-generation period, but when that passes, we should see some truly incredible leaps in the technology powering games.

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