Tunic Game Pass

Tunic finally launched on Xbox last week, and it released straight onto Game Pass! Since then, it seems a fair few people have been really enjoying the game, including a few of the Xbox team.

ID@Xbox Director Chris Charla is particularly impressed with Tunic, it seems. The Xbox indie boss spoke about his experience with the game on twitter, going as far as labelling it a "masterpiece" from developer Finji.

The fact that Charla had such high expectations beforehand shows how much this one is impressing folks! It really impressed us too, as we called it "one of our favourite games of 2022 so far" in our review.

Fellow Xbox exec Sarah Bond was also quickly on hand to back up Charla's comments. Bond agreed, saying that she was "loving every moment" of Tunic so far.

Have you played this Zelda-like adventure on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.

What Score Would You Give Tunic On Xbox Game Pass?