We've been keeping a keen eye on Warhammer 40,000: Darktide for a while, but unfortunately it's seen its release date delayed on multiple occasions. That's just happened again, as it's now slated for September 13th, 2022.

You can check out the new release date trailer above, and the game is still scheduled to release exclusively for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC at launch, although interestingly the trailer and press release we received makes no mention of Xbox Game Pass, despite the game being announced for the service last year. As far as we know, it's still coming to Game Pass on day one.

Darktide is a 4-player co-op action game from the developer behind Vermintide, said to feature deep and balanced gunplay, melee combat, a fast-paced and brutal adventure, detailed character customisation and much more.

In the depths of the hive, the seeds of corruption threaten an overwhelming tide of darkness. A heretical cult known as the Admonition seeks to seize control of the planet Atoma Prime and lay waste to its inhabitants. It is up to you and your allies in the Inquisition to root out the enemy before the city succumbs to Chaos.

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