The Xbox brand is eager for more in certain parts of the world, and Europe is one of these regions. The video game giant already teamed up with the England Football Association last August as the official gaming partner, and now it's extended this to the French Football Federation.

Here's what Marcos Waltenberg, Director of Global Xbox Partnerships had to say about the deal:

"This partnership will bring to life our core message – Power Your Dreams – which not only celebrate the values of diversity and inclusion shared by Xbox and the FFF, but spurs the imagination when two world-class teams come together, empowering football fans, associations, amateur clubs, women’s football, and those who love gaming, alike."

As part of this new partnership, Xbox will "bring to life" creative and unique experiences for football fans and enthusiasts alike with new initiatives. These include a boost for amateur football within France providing clubs with renovations, upgrades and even game consoles, and Xbox Day - a day dedicated to inclusion and diversity. You can find out more on

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