We've spent a good few days with GTA 5 on next-gen at this point, and we're pretty impressed so far. Performance RT mode runs a treat, and the 60fps really does make a huge difference. But, how do these new versions stack up against the nearly seven-year old PC version?

IGN has broken down all three versions here: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The comparison also shows each console mode, along with a variety of PC configurations to see how they all compare.

And, well, they all look pretty similar, at least viewing through YouTube's lens. You can clearly tell that all next-gen modes sit above PC's low settings, which is good news, but when you compare high settings to next-gen, the PC version probably takes the lead... just.

Gta 5 Xbox series x

One thing's for sure here, we're not touching that fidelity mode! While you may get a few more graphical bells and whistles, it just isn't worth the framerate trade-off. As we said in our hands-on impressions, the 60fps performance modes are "much-needed" and they breathe new life into Rockstar's aging open world.

Have you tested out GTA 5 on next-gen? Has it impressed you? Let us know your thoughts below.