Battlefield 2042 Dlc

It's no secret that Battlefield 2042 didn't hit the way a lot of us expected. Last year's Battlefield title was supposed to be a return to hectic, modern-day combat following the two less-bombastic historical entries of 1 and V. Well, the development team aren't entirely happy with it either, according to a new report.

An Xfire report discusses what developers at DICE think of Battlefield 2042, and how the team is moving forward. Internally at EA and DICE the game has been referred to "as a miss" and the team is already starting to move on.

Some of that team is still working on 2042 DLC, which is good news for those who purchased last year's game. However, development on the next Battlefield is already underway and one source says it may look a lot different to 2042:

I think we'll be reverting a lot of the changes we made in Battlefield 2042...

According to the report, the next Battlefield game is in the pre-production stage and will once again be set in a modern/near-future time period. However, features like specialists and 128-player matches may well be cut or dialled back, due to their poor reception in Battlefield 2042.

So, we're not sure when the next Battlefield will launch, but it's looking like DICE and EA are already looking at the future of the franchise.

Do you expect 2042 to turn things around? Or does all hope rest on the next Battlefield? Let us know in the comments.