Tunic Game Pass

Tunic has been up near the top of our highly-anticipated indie list for some time. This cutesy Zelda-like adventure has some downright gorgeous visuals, and brilliant puzzle design to boot. Well, surprise! It's coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Oh, and day one happens to be today, March 16th.

That's right, it's another Game Pass shadow drop. We've known about Tunic — in part due to its Xbox-focused marketing — for some time, so we always suspected it could come to Game Pass. That suspicion has now been confirmed!

The celebrate the announcement, and the game's release of course, a launch trailer has just gone live via ID@Xbox. Tunic is a big feature of today's Xbox Indie Showcase, which you can watch here at Pure Xbox!

Our review of Tunic went live earlier today, where we gave it an "Excellent" 9/10 rating, Here's a snippet:

"Tunic is a fantastically clever adventure that kicks off in familiar Zelda-esque fashion before branching out to become its own thing entirely."

Are you excited to give this latest indie hit a try on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.