Star Wars Eclipse

Late last year, it was revealed that EA's Star Wars exclusivity period was coming to a close. That meant that other development teams could start working on the franchise, and one of those was Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. As it turns out, development on their Star Wars project is stalling, according to an xfire report.

That project, as some of you may remember, is Star Wars Eclipse. We got a glimpse of it at last year's Game Awards show, and we have to say, it looked pretty impressive. However, the team is reportedly struggling to attract the talent required to actually build it.

The report looks at current job openings at Quantic Dream, of which that are currently 67 at the Paris-based studio. These jobs encompass all aspects of development, from artists and programmers to UI designers and writers.

Xfire's sources also claim that the trailer was created, in part, to attract developers to the studio to help build the game. However, those sources say that although the trailer impressed fans, it hasn't had the desired effect in relation to attracting talent. As a result, the team is looking at a 2027-2028 release for Stars Wars Eclipse.

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