Another game announced at Sony's recent State of Play, but coming to all platforms (including Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One) was The DioField Chronicle.

It's another strategy RPG from Square Enix, this time with an emphasis on a real-time battle system. Here's a brief rundown about what to expect from the world of DioField:

"Welcome to the world of DioField, a new strategy RPG that will take you on a journey of honour and political intrigue. In this fresh and gritty story, you will discover a unique blend of fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences, and an innovative combat system: Real-Time Tactical Battle. Surrounded by richly detailed environments in diorama-style visuals, you must think quickly and act strategically to lead your team to victory."

The veteran team over at Lancarse Ltd is behind the game - with the aim to release it at some point in 2022. You can find out more fine details over on the official game site.

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