The final Xbox Game Pass release of March is a great one, in the form of the action-RPG Weird West! The first reviews have been dropping for the game today, including here at Pure Xbox where we gave it an "Excellent" 9/10 rating.

Below, you'll find a selection of reviews from across the web, as well as our own.

Pure Xbox - 9/10

"Weird West is a fantastic debut from Wolfeye Studios, a slick and addictive action-RPG that delivers a top-notch narrative alongside some delightfully chaotic combat in a world that absolutely oozes atmosphere."

GamesRadar - 4/5

"In the end, Weird West makes the rollercoaster ride through its world so compelling that you'll just stop caring about doing everything perfectly. The consequences are just twists in the story you're creating alongside the main narrative, and it's hard to imagine that two people's playthroughs will ever look exactly alike."

IGN - 8/10

"Weird West more than lives up to its name in all the right ways. Playing through its five stories and reaching their collective conclusion produces a wagonload of bizarre encounters, twists, and reveals, and its stealth and chaotic combat are challenging but come with the built-in safety nets of unlimited slow-motion and an old-school quickload system."

Push Square - 7/10

"Weird West sets its sights high by promising player freedom and a responsive world to butterfly effect the hell out of, and it very nearly delivers on all of it. At its best, WolfEye Studios' first outing offers delightfully chaotic combat and an interesting supernatural setting that leaves no actions without consequence. But while in many respects Weird West achieves some of its grander ambitions, it fails to nail some of the basics."

Windows Central - 3.5/5

"Weird West's astounding world-building and intriguing singleplayer campaign are worth the cost of entry on their own, but the game's lackluster technical performance and polish are huge negatives that prevent it from achieving greatness."

As you can see, the majority of critics have positive things to say about the game, although it does have a few more negative reviews on Metacritic as well, where it currently sits on an 81 rating based on 8 reviews for Xbox One, and a 73 rating based on 23 reviews for PlayStation 4. It seems we liked it more than most here at Pure Xbox!

Will you be trying out Weird West on Xbox this week? Let us know in the comments.