Random: The Xbox Kinect Is Still Being Used At A UK Furniture Store
Image: Sky

Hey, so, remember Kinect? Everyone's favourite Xbox companion? Well, its uses are no longer tied to Xbox, as Microsoft continues to use the tech in weird and interesting ways. Kinect's latest use, apparently, is to tailor bedroom furniture to your needs by scanning your body in furniture stores.

At least, if this Reddit post is anything to go by that is. User Zacky2Wacky spotted the device here in the UK while shopping for bedroom furniture, which is probably the last place they expected to see a Kinect out in the wild.

However, it's not the only place we've seen the camera crop up before. Last year, Kinect was used to help run a grocery store warehouse, and it's probably still being used there now. Basically, the device helps robots determine how to package food in this case. Smart.

We're left wondering where we might see Kinect next. Maybe as a security camera device? Perhaps in a clothing store for tailoring suits? Who knows, but it seems that despite its fate in gaming, Kinect lives on well into 2022.

Do you have fond memories of Kinect? Or were you glad to see the back of it? Let us know below.