Fifa 22 Mbappe

EA's servers are hardly the most reliable in the world, with games like FIFA and Battlefield often experiencing server issues. It's good news then, that EA may well be improving its online server tech.

That's according to a newly granted patent, which was first submitted back in 2020. Titled 'Modelling request sequences in online-connected video games', the tech aims to create a bridge-of-sorts between connecting players. That bridge, or 'neural network', will then look at how reliable connections are and be able to run tests on the fly.

How this would actually work in practice remains to be seen, but any help in improving server connections is always welcome in an increasingly-online gaming world.


As the patent has only just been granted, the tech isn't live yet, and we're not sure if it ever will be. Patents are often submitted and not used, but we're hoping this one becomes a reality. Any help in connecting to EA's servers and experiencing a reliable play session, we'll take.

What do you make of this tech? Do you see it making tangible changes if implemented? Let us know below.