Is An Xbox One Version Of Shredders Coming To Game Pass?

Snowboarding adventure Shredders launched on Xbox Series X|S and PC today, March 17th. As we've highlighted, it's also a part of Xbox Game Pass for those two platforms, but is it coming to Xbox One consoles?

Right now, at launch, the answer's no for Xbox One support. However, the team isn't completely ruling it out in future. In response to multiple fan requests on Twitter, the development team repeatedly mentions that the Series X|S launch comes "first".

The developer also mentions that one option for last gen players is Xbox Cloud Gaming.

So, yeah, clearly the Xbox Series X|S version has been the main development focus so far, along with PC. However, Shredders could come to Xbox One — or indeed PlayStation platforms — in the future.

For now though, if you own an Xbox Series X or S, Shredders is definitely worth a go. It's not perfect and your mileage may vary, depending on your expectations, but we had a fun time with it when playing for review.

Will you be giving Shredders a go? Or are you still playing on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.