The legendary movie director Steven Speilberg has been tied to the Halo screen project for a long time, and it seems he's still quite involved.

Speaking to Total Film (via GamesRader+), the Halo live-action series producer Darryl Frank revealed how Spielberg's influence was far-reaching. It went to the extent of him reading every script, making decisions - including casting choices and looking at pretty much every aspect of it:

"We treated it as though it was a legacy project of Steven’s...He godfathered it in terms of reading every script, helping choose showrunners, writers, director, cast, production design, and visual effects; every aspect of it, he looked at."

Some of Spielberg's stand-out work include sci-fi hits like Minority Report and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

For anyone who is not familiar with Halo but is interested in seeing Spielberg's influence in the upcoming series, there's apparently no need to worry. According to Halo's showrunner Steven Kane, it's "still a great story" - containing themes of love and war, and featuring characters yearning for something beyond their grasp.

Halo premieres on Paramount Plus later this month on 24th March. A second season has already been locked in. Will you be watching? Tell us down below.

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