Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

343 Industries has published a new blog for Halo Infinite, and this time the focus is on the game's competitive ranked experience.

In a brief community FAQ towards the end, one question raised was about the tiers of ranks and if the Champion rank would return (one above Oynx). The good news is that 343 have heard the feedback "loud and clear" and will be adding it to a future season. At the moment though, the team can't commit to a date.

"We hear this feedback loud and clear, and we’ll be adding it in a future season down the road. Similar to the reconnect feature above, we still need to scope out the work for this before we can commit to any timing."

One other thing the team is looking into is a reconnect feature in the instance when a player is disconnected or experiences a crash. While the team likes this idea, it can't commit to anything just yet.

"We’ve also seen this request pop up quite a bit too. We like the idea, but we’ll need to do additional investigations before we can make any commitments."

You can learn more about the game's ranked mode in the latest blog update over on Halo Waypoint.

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[source halowaypoint.com]