Resi 2 Claire

Earlier this month, Capcom lifted the lid on some next-gen goodness for Resident Evil 2,3 and 7. All three Xbox One era RE games are getting Series X|S ports later this year, and now the developer has revealed some extra details.

Save data for all three games will carry over, hurrah! So, if you started, or finished these games on Xbox One, you can bring those save files over the Xbox Series X|S. This welcome news applies to all three titles.

Specifically for Resident Evil 7, any additional DLC will also come forward. The Gold Edition of Resident Evil 7 contained some add-ons, including three premium expansions. They'll all work on the next-gen version of RE7.


When all three games do arrive, they'll be nicely spruced up, including ray tracing features, higher frame rates and 3D audio support.

Will you be playing any of these Resident Evil games on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know below.