Gears Movie

Hints at a Gears of War movie have floated around for over a decade at this point, and we've still got nothing to show for it! However, that might be about to change. In a new interview with The Digital Fix, The Batman producer Dylan Clark, who's also working on the Gears movie, hinted that news is coming.

While Clark said he couldn't provide any concrete info during the interview, he gave us something to cling onto. Basically, he expects an announcement on the movie soon.

I’m glad that you’re interested in it [...] It’s something it’s been a passion of mine for a very long time. I think very soon there will be an announcement.

Yep, it's vague but it's something, and we'll take anything we can get regarding the Gears movie. Plans for a film adaptation were thrown around shortly after the first game launched, but things went quiet in the years following.

In 2016, as Microsoft launched Gears of War 4, movie plans were once again discussed, although not in much detail. Let's hope we hear something soon on this supposed Gears movie, before all hope is lost.

Would you be interested in a Gears movie? Do you think it'll actually happen? Let us know in the comments.