Elden Ring DF

Elden Ring made a huge splash last month as developer FromSoftware delivered yet another major hit. Having said that, we didn't realise quite how big of a hit that was, until now.

Looking at the latest European sales data, it's emerged that Elden Ring is now the biggest new franchise since Tom Clancy's The Division, which launched way back in 2016. Yes, the likes of Call of Duty still outsold it, but when it comes to a new series, Elden Ring is king.

FromSoftware's latest sold best on PC, followed by PS5, Xbox platforms, and then PS4. All of these Elden Ring findings take into account physical and digital sales, across the majority of storefronts in most European markets.


The hype behind Elden Ring was absolutely humongous and it seems to have more than delivered on its promise. Critically it's landed in a big way — we were enamoured with it — and now its commercial numbers seem just as impressive.

Did you expect Elden Ring to be this popular? Let us know your thoughts on its success in the comments.

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