Fifa 22

For several months now, we've heard that EA has been looking into renaming its FIFA football series (that's soccer for you US folk). Last October, EA officially said so themselves, as the company stated it was "reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA". While we've not heard anything concrete since, that move is still looking likely.

A new report on VentureBeat says that EA is still "likely to replace 'FIFA' name", although we're not sure when exactly. In short, the report says that EA no longer wants to grant huge portions of its profit to the footballing organization, and is looking at going with 'EA Sports FC'.

However, don't expect the move this year. VGC editor Andy Robinson took to Twitter to discuss these rumours, saying that this year's game will still be FIFA 23. According to VGC, EA's deal with FIFA still covers one more game, which would be this year's release.

What happens beyond FIFA 23 remains to be seen, but clearly, EA is keen to shed the weight of the FIFA brand. Whether ditching the name will prove a successful move remains to be seen.

Would you like to see EA drop FIFA from its football series? Or is the game itself the only important thing to you? Let us know your thoughts below.