Fifa 22 Stadium

EA has announced that it will be removing Russian football clubs and players from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online imminently. The company is also removing all Russian and Belarusian national and club teams from NHL 22, and its IIHF competitions, in the coming weeks.

This is, of course, in response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as Russia invades the European nation. Worldwide sanctions are coming into force across many different industries, and gaming is now no different.

EA announced its FIFA plans via Twitter, with a message explaining its upcoming changes and why they're happening.

The company's NHL page also posted a similar message, as it moves to make changes to NHL 22 in the coming weeks.

Earlier today, March 2nd, Ukraine's deputy prime minister reached out to Xbox and PlayStation about cutting ties with Russian markets. The government official also wrote a letter to the gaming industry at large, hoping for the same outcome.