We might still be three months away from E3 season, but talk of the year's biggest gaming show is gathering pace. Earlier this year, E3 2022 was reportedly cancelled, however, that may no longer be the case.

Prominent leaker Tom Henderson says the ESRB, who rates each and every game launch, has begun sending out emails to developers. Those emails state that E3 will be digital-only once again this year.

Xbox E3 2021

As a result, any in-person happenings for E3 2022 seem unlikely. The rumour comes as gamescom, another huge gaming convention, just announced plans to bring back its in-person show for 2022.

Henderson also went on to say that he expects an announcement soon, if developers are now finding out about E3's plans for this year.

That'd be great because, if we're honest, we're more than ready to hear more about Xbox's plans. While May and September showcases are also rumoured, Xbox has delivered big-time in recent E3 showings.

Are you excited for E3 this year? Or would you prefer Xbox to start doing 'directs'? Let us know below.