Dying Light 1's Free Next-Gen Upgrade Arrives On Xbox Series X|S

Dying Light fans, rejoice! The original game has today received a next-gen upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (well, really it's a "patch") in the form of two new video modes on Series S, and three new video modes on Series X.

Let's start with the more powerful of the two systems, the Series X. Here, you'll find Quality Mode (4K, 30fps), Balanced Mode (QHD, 60fps) and Performance Mode (HD, 60fps). Meanwhile, the Series S version is still unfortunately stuck at 30fps no matter what, in the form of Quality Mode (QHD, 30fps) and Performance Mode (HD, 30fps).

A bit bizarrely, the Xbox One X version also gets all the same improvements as the Series S version.

There are some disappointments sprinkled in here for Xbox Series S owners, then, but Series X owners will probably be pretty happy with these improvements, especially considering the variety of modes available to choose.

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