For Some Reason, People Think Hogwarts Legacy Will Affect Starfield

We got our first look at gameplay for Hogwarts Legacy yesterday, and it looks fantastic. It also got a release window of Holiday 2022, so guess what? It's already being compared with Xbox's Starfield, which also launches this Holiday.

Many of these "comparisons" are people spouting things like "RIP Starfield" on Twitter, which obviously is ridiculous, but we've also seen some actual, formal debate about the two games on social media. The vast majority believe that the two games really shouldn't be compared, and some have even pointed out that Starfield might affect Hogwarts Legacy.

We really can't see how Hogwarts Legacy will have any negative effect on Starfield whatsoever, especially considering the latter is launching on Xbox Game Pass, but the other way around makes more sense. It'll be interesting to see what exact date is given to Hogwarts Legacy, as if it's anywhere near Starfield, consumers might not be so interested in forking out full price for the game when they're busy with Bethesda's latest epic.

Then again, you could easily argue that the two games have very little crossover whatsoever:

In any case, the real story here is that we're in for a huge treat this holiday with two potentially amazing games arriving on Xbox in the last few months of 2022. Let's hope Hogwarts Legacy turns out to be the Harry Potter game we've always wanted, and Starfield lives up to the massive hype on Xbox Game Pass.

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