It's hard to believe, but Fallout 76 has been out for over three years now. In that time, we've seen the game grow from a pretty meagre shell to something a lot more substantial. Well, the growth doesn't stop there. In fact, it isn't stopping for a very long time.

In an interview with AusGamers, Fallout 76 design director Mark Tucker discussed what's ahead for Bethesda's live service Fallout. In short, there's quite a lot to come for 76, with years of content planned even from this point forward.

The funny thing is if I could share what's on this other monitor right here, you would love to see it because it's a five-year roadmap that I'm working on. We have long term plans, and things get a little fuzzier the further we go out because we adjust and adapt as things show up and we see what players want and what they're doing. But, a lot of my time right now is spent on planning that three and five-year roadmap.

Tucker also discussed how the team is balancing new additions to the map, so that expansions feel fresh and new but Appalachia doesn't get too overcrowded, where older content would potentially have to be removed.

Our Brotherhood of Steel update completely changed Atlas to become Fort Atlas. Things that we're doing in this year's roadmap are still very much in line with that.

There are some challenges when we start changing things in the world, because we have to make sure we do our best to preserve all of the previous content that has come before. It’s a big map, but almost every location has some content associated with it.

That sounds like one hell of a balancing act, but either way, plans are in place to support Fallout 76 for a very long time. Who'd of thought, considering the game's very rocky launch.

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