Beyond bug fixing and general stability improvements, Battlefield 2042 is finally getting some new features. Well, when we say new, we mean basic features present in past Battlefield games are returning but, hey-ho, better late than never.

The first of these features is a proper scoreboard that displays both teams and how each player is stacking up against the competition. We know this sounds pretty basic, but 2042's existing scoreboard lacked most of these standardised features. Here's a look at the new design:

2042 Scoreboard

This scoreboard is being added today, March 8th, as part of the game's 3.3 update. Alongside more bug fixes, the update will also deliver the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle for Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, and Ultimate Pack upgrade owners.

2042 Bundle

Battlefield 2042's subsequent update is currently targeting an April release, and its core addition is, yep, voice chat. Currently there's no way to talk to teammates in 2042, and April's update will add squad voice chat across all platforms.

Too little too late? Let us know your thoughts on Battlefield 2042 in the comments.