Back 4 Blood dropped on Xbox Game Pass way back in October last year, and if you've been waiting for more since, DLC is finally coming! Expansion 1, Tunnels of Terror, launches next month, and its headline splash seems to be a new PvE mode.

It's unclear as to whether it'll be a huge new mode, or an update to existing PvE content. The new activity will be called 'Ridden Hives', which sounds more like an addition to Back 4 Blood's current PvE offerings, rather than something on the level of a new campaign location. We'll just have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, three new 'warped ridden' will be entering the fray, alongside new characters, character skins, and weapons. 15 new cards will also be introduced, adding to Back 4 Blood's unique card skill system.

The developer labels this look as a 'sneak peek', so there may be more to Back 4 Blood's Tunnels of Terror update than it seems. If so, we should learn about it pretty soon, as the first expansion for Back 4 Blood launches April 12th.

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