AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Will Be 'Fully Supported' On Xbox

AMD has announced that its "next-level temporal upscaling technology", FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, will be fully supported on Xbox, and will be available in the Xbox GDK for registered developers in their upcoming games.

The idea behind this technology is that it allows developers to deliver incredible image quality and boost framerates, and you can see a sample of this in the Deathloop video below.

The first version of FidelityFX Super Resolution began its rollout on Xbox back in mid-2021, and notably, the team behind the Myst port on Xbox stated that the tech "allow[ed] us to crank the graphics quality much higher."

You can find a full list of details about FSR 2.0 over at the AMD Fidelity FX website, along with a breakdown below:

AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 technology is our brand-new open source temporal upscaling solution. FSR 2.0 uses cutting-edge temporal algorithms to reconstruct fine geometric and texture detail, producing anti-aliased output from aliased input.

FSR 2.0 technology has been developed from the ground up, and is the result of years of research from AMD. It has been designed to provide higher image quality compared to FSR 1.0, our original open source spatial upscaling solution launched in June 2021.


  • Delivers similar or better than native image quality using temporal data.


  • Includes high-quality anti-aliasing.
    • FSR 2.0 replaces any TAA within the game frame.

High image quality

  • Higher image quality than FSR 1.0 technology at all quality presets/resolutions.
    • Different quality modes available.
    • Dynamic Resolution Scaling supported.

No machine learning

  • Does not require dedicated Machine Learning (ML) hardware.
    • More platforms can benefit.
    • Gives more control to cater to a range of different scenarios.
    • Better ability to optimize.


  • Boosts framerates in supported games.
    • Wide range of products and platforms, both AMD and select competitors.

Open source

  • Will be provided on GPUOpen under an MIT license.

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