8bitdo Controller Header

Gaming accessory manufacturer 8Bitdo is launching their first Xbox-style controller, and it's out in May. The "Ultimate Wired Controller" will work across Xbox and PC, and marks the company's first pad that matches the official Xbox layout.

That means asymmetrical analogue sticks (thank god), along with general button placement that matches Xbox. It's officially licensed too, containing that solid-looking Xbox guide button front and centre.

Although this one is wired, like pretty much all third party Xbox pads, it does pack quite a punch. You get the two back buttons so you can keep your hands on the sticks at all times, a profile button supporting three custom setups, and you can adjust things like stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration strength, and more.

Both a black and a white version of the 8Bitdo controller are up for pre-order at Amazon in the UK, and the US. At £40/$45, this is a moderately priced pad, considering all the extra options it provides.

Is this controller something you'd be interested in? Let us know in the comments.

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