Halo Infinite - Season 1 Tactical Ops, starting next week
Image: 343 Industries

One other segment of Halo Infinite's latest March Update blogpost was a section about the game's "critical issues" and how they're addressed.

Most of the problems right now that have been prioritised were "unknown-before-ship" issues that had a widespread negative impact. Some issues (e.g. BTB matchmaking) have been fixed, and some have even had improvements (e.g. anti-cheat), while others are in active development.

Internally, the fix process is known as "Hotlist" - and every week it's refreshed and reviewed to see what needs to be priortised. The team is currently working on a "public facing version" of this Hotlist - similar to the Halo Master Chief Collection updates, to make it clearer to players about what's being addressed.

Since the launch of Halo Infinite, we have been carefully tracking and analyzing all critical issues negatively impacting players’ experience with the game and supporting services. The internal name we have for this process is the “Hotlist.” Every week, we refresh the Hotlist with new insights and review issue prioritization and progress toward fixes. The Hotlist serves as a vital internal planning tool for our monthly development sprints as well as the Hotfixes, Content Updates, and Seasons we deliver to you.

Some of the issues on the Hotlist are gaps in the Halo Infinite experience that we only fully understood close to launch and were unable to address at an acceptable quality bar before ship. An example of this kind of “known” Hotlist issue is “Spartan Career” aka score-based player progression. Examples of “unknown” issues at launch were vulnerabilities in our anti-cheat system and problems with BTB matchmaking that we didn’t realize existed until we launched the game at scale.

Thus far, we have prioritized acute, unknown-before-ship issues that have a widespread negative impact on the shipped experience. Some items have been addressed and cleared from the Hotlist (e.g., BTB matchmaking), some have had partial improvements but need more work (e.g., anti-cheat), and others are in active development but not-yet-released (e.g., Spartan Career, Campaign Co-Op, and Forge). We are working on a public facing version of the Hotlist, similar to what the studio did during the Master Chief Collection updates, so that all of you will have a clear and constant window into the status of Hotlist issues as we work to address them.

Until this "public facing version of the Hotlist" rolls out, the best place for information and help is the Halo Support website.

One other update from 343 was the reveal of the next Season 1 event. "Tactical Ops" starts next week (see above) - and will include variants on the Tactical Slayer mode, and new Mark VII core-focused rewards.

Halo Infinite's head of creative Joseph Staten signed off by thanking players again for their patience and passion and by asking them to continue providing feedback.

"On behalf of the entire team, thank you again for your patience and your passion. Please keep the feedback coming, know that we are listening and learning, and that we are working hard to deliver more Halo Infinite content that we hope you love to play."

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[source halowaypoint.com]