To celebrate Halo Infinite's launch late last year, Microsoft adorned the walls of its London store with a huge oil painting of a Halo battle scene. It looked pretty epic to be honest, and now, the company is auctioning a section of it off, in partnership with Special Effect.

Yeah, basically, they've taken the centre of the painting out, where Master Chief is seen battling his adversaries. That might seem like blasphemy, chopping up the painting like that, but it provides one of you the chance to own it.


That centre piece has been mounted and framed, and it's up on eBay right now, all in the name of charity. The auction is currently sitting at just over £500, and it runs through March 6th. There's almost 50 bids on it though, so expect some competition if you're thinking of mounting a bid...

Whoever does end up winning it, will have to wait a short while for delivery. The auction says Xbox will fulfil delivery by the beginning of May this year.

Are you tempted to make a bid on this artwork? Let us know below.

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