Some of you may remember As Dusk Falls, an Xbox published title revealed way back at the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020. We've seen nothing on the game since then, but it looks like release may be closer than expected.

The ESRB, the American ratings board, has just rated As Dusk Falls. It'll be a rated M title when it arrives on Xbox Game Pass, and these ratings usually mean release is fairly imminent.

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama focused around two families in small town Arizona. Things start off with a failed robbery, before the story unfolds over a 30 year period, following the two families in the wake of the event and beyond.

As Dusk Falls 2

It sounds pretty interesting to be honest and definitely one to keep an eye on. Going off the albeit limited footage we've seen so far, we're expecting this one to be reminiscent of something like Life is Strange, but wrapped up in a totally different story.

Hopefully we'll hear about As Dusk Falls' release date real soon.

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