Xbox Boss Phil Spencer playing Destiny 2 with a fan

PlayStation has finally responded to Microsoft's string of acquisitions - announcing it will be acquiring the American developer Bungie (the studio known for Destiny and the original Halo series on Xbox) for $3.6 billion.

Destiny 2 is one of Phil Spencer's favourite games on the Xbox (he's even played it with fans), but despite this - the Xbox boss and newly appointed Microsoft Gaming CEO reached out to Sony, Bungie and Head of PlayStation studios Hermen Hulst to congratulate them. Hulst added how it was "exciting times to be gamer".

Although Sony Interactive Entertainment will take control of Bungie, it has said it won't be locking off the company and noted how Bungie would remain a multiplatform studio.

In a letter on its official website, Bungie clarified how it would continue to independently publish and creatively develop its games - with the only immediate change being an acceleration in hiring talent across the entire studio to support its ambitious vision.

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