Xbox Twitch

After a few years of awkwardness, Microsoft is bringing back proper Twitch streaming integration on Xbox. It used to be a feature, back in the snap days (rip), but recently you've had to do things manually from within the Twitch app.

That changes with today's update, as Twitch has been re-added to the Xbox guide, where you can manage microphone settings, camera options, overlay positioning and more. Oh, and the new integration features proper webcam support.

How to Twitch stream directly on Xbox

Once the latest dashboard update has been applied — which rolls out today, February 23rd — head over to the Capture and Share tab within the Xbox guide. From there, you'll see your linked Twitch account above a "Go live now" button. The aforementioned settings options are also displayed here.

Xbox Twitch Stream

This has been a long time coming, and we're glad to finally see it return for all users! Snap and Twitch integration were initially removed in 2017, and the streaming process has been finnicky since Mixer shut down. Now, about snap coming back...

Will you be more likely to livestream with proper Twitch integration? Let us know your thoughts below.

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