The Games Industry Reaches Out For Financial Aid During Ukraine Crisis

Several sections of the games industry have begun to speak out about the current situation in Ukraine. Multiple studios, particularly those based in Eastern Europe, and Ukraine itself, are asking for financial aid for the country.

Polish developer 11 bit studios, says that for the next seven days, all profits from its This War of Mine game, and its DLC packs, will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross charity. This is across all storefronts on all platforms.

Fellow Polish studio CD Projekt Red has also pledged to help Ukraine in its ongoing crisis. The developer has donated 1 million PLN to support Polska Akcja Humanitarna, a Polish organization that aims to deliver aid to those in need, even outside of Poland's borders.

For studios based in Ukraine itself, the current crisis is incredibly close to home. Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World is one such studio, who has now posted a message requesting aid for the country.

Another Ukranian studio, 4a Games, has posted a similar message asking for any help possible for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Both studios have included the numerical code for an aid account that will assist the military in Ukraine.

The calls for help don't stop with Eastern European developers either. Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has taken to Twitter to repost a message from UNICEF USA, a message that directly addresses children in the region and how donations can help.

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