The Elder Scrolls Online Is Being Removed From xCloud For Months

If you're an Elder Scrolls Online player, you might be disappointed to know that the game is being removed from Xbox Cloud Gaming for the next few months, as the team has identified a fix that will take time to implement.

The game has been suffering from "frequent player disconnects leading to a suboptimal experience" when using the cloud version, so it will be disabled indefinitely on the cloud later today from 3pm EST / 8pm GMT.

You'll still be able to access the game normally on Xbox Game Pass when downloading it, of course, but there's no timeframe on a fix for the Xbox Cloud Gaming version aside from "a few months". Here's the full message:

"We are aware of frequent player disconnects leading to a suboptimal experience while playing The Elder Scrolls Online with Xbox Cloud Gaming. The Xbox Cloud Gaming team have identified a fix which we expect to take a few months to implement. While this work is in progress, The Elder Scrolls Online will be temporarily unavailable on Xbox Cloud Gaming."

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