Chernobylite Xbox

Chernobylite launched on Xbox One last year, and developer The Farm 51 has continued to update the game since. We've been waiting on that next-gen port though, given the existing Xbox One version is focused on the old systems, 30fps cap and all.

Well, it turns out we're nearly there. Chernobylite arrives on Xbox Series X|S on April 21st, following a good six months on Xbox One. Here are some details on how the game's Chernobyl exclusion zone will look on next-gen platforms.

First up, there'll be two modes on Xbox Series X and PS5. A dynamic 4k, 30fps mode will feature ray tracing, while a 1080p 60fps mode will aim to offer smoother performance. Specific details on Xbox Series S haven't been revealed just yet.

Chernobylite Roadmap

The next-gen console launch also kicks off the first of four major updates planned over the course of 2022. Titled 'Blue Flames', the first free event of the year will grant players the 'silent assassin' crossbow, perfect to use in the 'Memories of You' mission. There'll also be a paid content pack, for those of you that are all in on Chernobylite.

Will you be exploring Chernobylite's exclusion zone on next-gen? Let us know below.