State of decay 2 update

State of Decay 2 is almost four years old, but that hasn't stopped developer Undead Labs from working on updates. At this point, we're up to number 29, and this one ain't a minor update either. State of Decay 2's latest update revamps all of the game's original maps.

Cascade Hills, Drucker Country and Meagher Valley have all been re-worked. All three maps are aiming for a more natural look, with changes made to lighting, foliage, textures, terrain and more. Here's a quick look at how these changes stack up in Meagher Valley:

Another major addition to update 29 is an FOV slider. The game's field of view can now be adjusted manually, with options ranging from 40 to 100 FOV. The default setting sits right in the middle of that range, at 70 FOV.

The latest update also adds a bunch of quality-of-life changes to the core game, covering gameplay, UI, missions and more. For the full patch notes, check out the State of Decay 2 support page.

Will you be jumping back into State of Decay 2 to check this update out? Let us know in the comments.