Phil Spencer "Wouldn't Take No For An Answer" When Creating Xbox Game Pass

It's safe to say that Phil Spencer has transformed Xbox since he took over the brand in 2014. Perhaps the biggest transformation, aside from studio acquisitions, is Xbox Game Pass. However, persuading those at Microsoft that Game Pass was a good idea, wasn't always easy.

In a WSJ report on Microsoft's new Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, it was revealed that Phil had to push hard for Game Pass to become accepted at Microsoft. Richard Irving, who previously worked on Xbox in the Xbox One era, talked about Phil's challenges in building the service.

"In meetings, Mr. Spencer’s staff would present arguments for why Game Pass wouldn’t work — publishers wouldn’t participate, or it would eat into profits..."

"[Phil Spencer] wouldn’t take no for an answer..."

We think both Phil himself, and Microsoft, will be happy that he was so insistent. The service recently surpassed 25 million subscribers and Game Pass is growing at a rapid pace.

It's been fantastic news for us as gamers too. The amount of value the service provides is remarkable, especially when you factor in that every game from the Xbox Game Studios portfolio is included at launch. Oh, and that portfolio will consist of 35 studios when the Activision deal goes through!

Is Game Pass Phil's biggest win as Xbox boss? Let us know your thoughts below.

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