Developer Milestone has just announced its latest entry in the MotoGP series, MotoGP 22. The reveal trailer is brief, showing glimpses of on-track action from the upcoming racer, but there a few nice additions coming with this next entry.

The most notable new feature is probably local split screen multiplayer. Local co-op is becoming a bit of a rarity these days, so it's nice to see that added to a series in 2022. The Switch version misses out, but all Xbox versions will support the mode.

Motogp 22 Screen

There's a few other additions too. If you're a newcomer, the new MotoGP Academy lets you learn the basics before diving into the full career mode, which is centred around your path to the championship. There's also a focus on the history of the motorsport, with over 70 historical riders featured in this year's game.

MotoGP 22 hits Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on April 21, 2022.

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