Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to grow, somehow, and it's now going down under. Australia is the latest region to be enhanced in the sprawling sim, as part of the game's update. That's a mouthful.

The addition of Australia brings over 50 of the country's airports, while the developer has also improved data on 100 existing airports. There's a huge selection of new points of interest from the region too, including the Great Barrier Reef and one for you Forza fans, Bathurst Racing Circuit.

Soar over the renowned Great Barrier Reef, visit the vast regions of Western Australia, and marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Wellington. From the dusty red outback to shimmering coastlines and sugar white sand beaches, explore the country’s most spectacular sights with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update VII: Australia.

A country known for being as diverse as it is beautiful, this great Southern land presents a bucket list of jaw-dropping natural formations and modern man-made wonders – now enhanced with exceptional graphic improvements, new discovery flights, fresh landing challenges, and bush trips that showcase this beautiful region of our planet.

We were stunned by Microsoft Flight Simulator's recreation of planet Earth when we reviewed the Xbox version last year. To see it still grow, adding extra detail to the vastly varied region of Australia, is fantastic.

Will you be soaring down under with this update? Let us know in the comments.