Dying Light Vrr Xbox

Dying Light 2 only launched this month, but developer Techland has been hard at work on updates since. One feature that just arrived, exclusively for Xbox Series X, is VRR support, allowing for higher framerates. The mode did cause a few issues though, that've now been resolved.

Those issues involved the controller, where input lag and general controller connection issues were reported. Techland says these are now fixed, and players shouldn't have the same troubles playing at higher framerates.

A new save option has been added as well. Basically, a backup save system is now in place, which allows you to roll things back to the last working story save point, if you run into issues. This will also roll your inventory back to how it was at that save point.

Elsewhere, a few other fixes have been implemented. Fast travel should now work as intended after the main story is finished, death-loop issues have been resolved, some odd sound bugs have been squashed, and as is normal, general stability improvements have been made.

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