Hogwarts Legacy Artbook

Alright, we've heard a lot of conflicting reports about when Hogwarts Legacy will launch, but this new evidence is a little more solid. An artbook for the upcoming Harry Potter title has been revealed, and it's scheduled to release in September.

Usually, game releases line up with artbooks, guides and supplementary material of that nature. So, if the artbook is intended to land in September, chances are the game is aiming for that release window too.


Plans regarding the artbook, and Hogwarts Legacy itself, may change over the coming months. However, this book at least lines up with the 2022 launch aim, rather than reports hinting at a delay to 2023.

This is further backed up by AccountNGT on Twitter, a known leaker. The user says to expect a September release, along with a potential PlayStation reveal event showing a new trailer in February or March.


None of this is set in stone, but it's looking like the plan is for Hogwarts Legacy, and its artbook, to release in September 2022, all going well.

Is Hogwarts Legacy a day one buy for you? Or will you hold off until after launch? Let us know below.

[source therowlinglibrary.com, via pcgamesn.com]